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What makes up a string quartet/trio/duo?

A string quartet is made up of two violins, a viola and a cello.  A trio consists of two violins and a cello and a duo is usually violin and cello.  Solo performances commonly feature violin or cello.  You can look up ‘string duo’ etc on youtube to get an idea of the differences in sound.  We recommend at least a trio if budget and space permits as the music really 'pops' with that third instrument. 


What is a viola?

A viola is slightly larger than a violin and has a slightly deeper sound. 


What happens if I want a piece of music played that isn’t listed on your website?

Let us know.  We love adding to our repertoire and will do our best to source it for you.  Extra fees may apply.


What if I don’t know what music to request?

Talk to us.  We will work out if you have any styles or moods in mind and go from there.  We love programming!


Should I select music for the entire booking time?

No - please don’t!  Unknown factors such as acoustics and wind (page turns!) can come into play.  It’s best to give us an idea of the feel you are after - classical, jazz, a mix etc - or a "Top Ten".  The music flows much better when we read the room and build the set on the fly. 

I'm about to be a bride – can I have two pieces for the Processional?

You can, however we don’t recommend this unless you have a large bridal party, a long aisle and a slow walk!


We are getting married – how long should we book you for?

Most couples like to book us from 15 minutes before the ceremony is due to begin, which seems to be right when guests start to arrive.  If you're just after ceremony music a one hour booking usually does the trick. Nuptial masses require a 1.5 hour minimum booking time.


Do we get to meet or rehearse with you before our booking?

The only contact time your booking includes is the time we are booked to play.  Any further contact is subject to availability and will be billed for.  We haven't been unable to organise an event via phone and email yet...

What time will the musicians arrive?

Approximately twenty minutes before the booking starts (this time is not billed for).  If you need us any earlier let us know when making your booking as we'd need to extend the booking time and quote. 


Does the booking time include the time when you aren’t playing, eg during speeches, ceremonies etc?

It does.  The booking time lasts from when we start playing to when we stop, regardless of what happens in between.


What happens if one of you is sick?

We are replaced by another player with equivalent training and experience. 

Why are you so expensive?

To play professionally we need to pay ourselves professional rates: if we can't make a living from playing we cannot be available.  We need to factor in sick pay, superannuation, sheet music and the upkeep of professional instruments, which can be significant.   


Why are you so cheap?

We want to be accessible to as many people as possible. 


Why are travel fees so high?

Because of the time involved.  Hours spent in transit are at the expense of other work.  They can also extend babysitting expenses and effect spouses’ availability to work.   


Why is full payment required upfront and why is your deposit so significant?

Payment upfront is to avoid the risk of us not being paid.  Deposit is 50% so that if you cancel, we only lose half our pay when we have reserved that time.  We would prefer not to do any of this but unfortunately have learnt the hard way. 


Are you LGBTIQA+ friendly?

Definitely.  We look forward to a time when this doesn't need to be asked.  

How environmentally friendly are you?

This isn’t a frequently asked question but we want to share with you our vibe.  We use 100% recycled paper and cartridges, rechargable batteries and 100% renewably sourced electricity.  We're working towards a green vehicle, meanwhile carpool where we can.  

“Personally, we couldn’t have been happier with the service and have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from guests regarding your performance.”

– Quinton and Mary Mason






Kathryn McKee



0407 062 035



Is this Kathryn's actual cello?


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